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Here are some other ways art shows up in my life! From trying new things to collaborating to working on my own projects, I'm always finding ways to express myself.

My introduction video to my Zoom Interview Project -- first official video coming soon!

A cover of Jon McLaughlin's "Remembering"

In April 2021, I took part in a challenge called Escapril (@letsescapril on Instagram), where there was a daily poetry prompt. This day's prompt was clock.

why do i do this to myself?

i pride myself on not isolating

even when i can’t put in the effort

to do something that i KNOW

will make me feel better.

is it because i know it’s different

that i can’t hug anyone

or jump around in a paramount studio

or could it be

i’ve been so worried about

nothing being the same

that i ceased to grow with it


something as simple as hopping on

a zoom call

of friendly faces,

artistically inspiring, fulfilling, and motivating

allowing myself to breathe in other’s work

and lives and beings


as the clock runs out,

i wish i had reached out more

been less selfish

and did more for my fellow artists

i miss the days i overworked myself

(maybe i romanticize it too much)

i miss the artistic check-ins and alignments of our journeys


(sara, shut up it’s not about you all the time)


i cannot wait to hear about and witness

more mercutio art and voices <3

A clip of me at The Bill Murray in London doing stand-up for the first time in 2019!

An adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's Love is Blind and Deaf (read here) devised for the BFA Acting studio's advanced physical theatre devising course. Created purposefully for zoom, this piece seeks to leverage the unique constraints and "rules" of zoom in order to tell a wholly embodied story. We especially sought to play with the 'magic' available to us on zoom. How do we convey touch? How do we play with angles? How is the audience's limited perception of the piece a strength rather than a weakness? This was the culmination of a semester of struggling against the medium of zoom, and what came of it was a surrender of sorts. 

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