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simplicity (without overanalysis)

each time i’ve tried to start writing about life lately, i've felt like explaining everything. i’ve decided to lay it out instead.

some highs and lows…

my favorite songs as of late have been “not strong enough” by boygenius, “wings” by the jonas brothers, and “amelie” by gracie abrams.

before i go to sleep, i’ve been playing an ipad game that a five-year-old i babysit showed me.

my ceiling still leaks every time it rains.

i’m scared that i am becoming less brave.

i’m planning a lil oscar’s shindig with my boyfriend and little me could only imagine feeling so loved and secure. now it’s real.

i worry about making everyone from my hometown proud.

i bought a jumprope.

i’m avoiding allowing my friends’ insecurities to become my own insecurities.

per the request of my sibling-in-law, i’ve been documenting each time i cry in 2023. when i think about it, a lot of them have been freeing, happy tears.

the stagnance between rainstorms has allowed phlegm to creep in. spring is well on its way.

glitter on the eyelids is always a good idea.

i’m a little bit scared to fall asleep each night because of all the nightmares i’ve been having.

second puberty is real.

i am seeing my favorite stephen sondheim musical live for the first time in less than a week.

i crave movement.

i’ve seen my sisters twice in the last two weeks and i see them again next weekend.

i often feel as though i’m not doing enough.

i’m grateful to be breathing.

i’m letting myself experience the numerous miniscule heartbreaks that come with progressing through my early-20s, while leaving room for the consistent experiences that cause my heart to grow three sizes at once.

what about you?

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